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Looking to Bring a Filipino/Filipina Fiancé or Spouse to the USA? WE CAN HELP!

If you are looking for professional help bringing your loved one from the Philippines, look no further. We are a Law Office that specialize in the Philippines for Fiance Visas and Marriage Visas.

We help several hundred couples annually begin their lives in the USA from the Philippines. We speak Tagalog and other Philippines dialects. If you want to go with the most experienced and reputable fiance visa / marriage visa company in the USA, you have come to the right place.

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If this is your first time looking into a fiancé visa or marriage visa, the following questions are often asked:

What Are The Qualifications?

  • 1. You must be a law abiding US Citizen.
  • 2. You must have met in person within the past two years or be married.
  • 3. You must have a genuine relationship.
  • 4. You must be able to support your fiancé / spouse in the USA.

How Long Does it Take?

Normally, the whole process including the visa approval at the embassy is currently taking from 6 to 8 months but because of our expertise and familiarity with the visa process in Manila, we are able to shorten the total wait time to 6 months and get your fiancee an interview immediately.

What if I Get Married in the Philippines?

The fiancé visa is faster than the marriage visa. The marriage visa typically takes about 8-10 months to receive. The advantage the marriage visa is that it automatically results in a 'Green Card' with no further fees or applications. If you want to get married in the Philippines, you will need to plan well and allow about 3 weeks for processing. Call us or Click Here for more info on the Philippines Marriage Visa.

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Do We Have to Meet in Person?

Yes. The exceptions to this rule are so limited it is almost certain they don't apply to you.

Can My Fiance Get a Tourist/Visitor Visa to Visit the USA?

She can certainly apply, but the odds of success are extremely low. It is very rare that a single woman, unless independently wealthy with strong ties to home, receives a visitor visa.

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How Much Does it All Cost?

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Add $200 if you want us to call and assist you fiancé/spouse in Tagalog / Filipino throughout the process.

How Do I Get Started?

Hopefully we have answered your initial questions about what it takes to bring your fiancé or wife in the USA. If you have further questions please browse the rest of our website or give us a call for a Free Consultation. If you are qualified, you can give us a call or purchase securely via PayPal with any major credit or debit card.

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